Let experienced Pivot AM Service Engineers maximize the up-time of your production Stratasys® FDM equipment. Various packages are available to meet your maintenance needs, including annual PM contracts with scheduled visits, basic visits with DIY support, and one-time emergency repair.

Contracted maintenance customers also receive access to our large-frame production Fortus® equipment during machine down time. This partnership keeps your production needs fulfilled even when your equipment is down.

Equipment Serviced

  • Fortus® 360mc
  • Fortus® 380mc
  • Titan®/ Vantage®
  • Fortus® 400mc
  • Fortus® 450mc
  • Fortus® 900mc

Packages we offer


    Our entry level package includes two on-site visits from a Service Engineer to perform a Preventative Maintenance service. Plus it includes unlimited phone support!


    Our Choice plan is our DIY hybrid option, covering parts and repairs and receive priority service scheduling. The Preventative Maintenance items are provided and your in-house technician performs the service. A Pivot Service Engineer supplies emergency service within two business days.


    This top of the line contract gives you the most assurance. Two Preventative Maintenance visits are included, plus replacement print heads and software updates.

Comparison Chart