Markforged was founded to solve a problem with manufacturing. Traditional processes like machining or casting produced high-quality, high-performance parts but had multi-week lead times and very high costs.

Additive manufacturing was fast and cost-effective but part quality and strength were poor. Introducing the world’s first continuous composite 3D printers—the first able to deliver both the part quality and performance of traditional manufacturing processes as well as the speed and low-cost of additive manufacturing.

Markforged Metal X

The Metal X greatly accelerates innovation, delivering metal parts overnight using a new technology at a fraction of the cost.

Markforged X7

The X7 printer are designed to reinforce parts with continuous fiber for unmatched strength, all the while monitoring accuracy during the print.

Markforged X5

The X5 is a laser assisted, durable large format machine designed to reliably produce high strength parts in any environment at an affordable price point.

Markforged X3

The strength you need for tooling and functional parts. Designed for accuracy and built to survive the production floor environment, the Markforged X3 Printer saves you time and money.

Mark II by Markforged

By reinforcing your parts with composite fiber while 3D printing them, The Mark Two achieves unparalleled strength, stiffness and durability in its printed parts.