Major Aerospace Company
Prototype Department

In mid December we contacted Pivot because needed to purchase and have machines installed onsite before the end of the year! Pivot provided us two used production systems and support equipment, delivered and installed in 10 days!

Lease Company
Capital Equipment Specialist

As a National Lessor, we provide unique equipment solutions for our customers.  One wished to upgrade their existing 3D Printing Line to a new platform.  Pivot AM facilitated a smooth transition to the new equipment. They streamlined the remarketing process by inspecting the existing equipment and ultimately buying it.  From start to finish Pivot AM proved to be both responsive and reputable.

3D Printing Service Bureau

In addition to excellent used FDM systems, Pivot supplied us material that saved substantially on the bottom line. It was great to have the machine setup and guaranteed to perform with the material. Not to mention the unlimited phone support!

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