Government Contractor

We give Pivot AM Service a 5-star rating! Thank you for your wonderful work.

Agriculture/Industrial Equipment

I want to provide some feedback on our install/training experience.  Your team members that were here the last couple days to bring our machine online and provide us training were outstanding; we appreciate their support, attention to detail, knowledge and professionalism.

Kudos to Tanner and Kase – great customer service and support!

Government Contractor

Just want to say that you guys did a fantastic job. We are very thankful for the service. Ken was very helpful. We will be keeping you in mind for future parts/service opportunities.

Agriculture Company

Pivot: How is the “new” Fortus 400mc running?

Customer: I’m on print number two, and the first one turned out fantastic. I’m really impressed with the quality. Thank you for taking the time to walk me through machine operation, setup and calibration.

State University

OEM diagnosed our machine problem and it was an expensive fix.  We talked with Pivot and Jakob offered phone support to troubleshoot the issue.  It was resolved quickly and with a simple and affordable fix (different than OEM recommended).  We are now using Pivot as our service provider.

Cutlery Company

Jakob is a true representation of the quality, customer service, and professionalism from Pivot.  He also went the extra mile to personally make sure no one had any further questions.

3D Printing Service Bureau

Ken provided excellent support, and his knowledge of equipment was beneficial in resolving our issue.  Our overall experience is a 4.5 out of 5!

Automotive Company

We are very satisfied with how our machines are currently running after Nathan came by. He cleaned out the internal components very well and now that Fortus® 900 machine is the most reliable of the four we currently have. My expectations were met and exceeded. We would rate our overall experience at a 5 out of 5!

Packaging Company

Tanner finished the PM on our Fortus® 400. He was very professional and thorough. A pleasure to work with and he showed us a few pointers on keeping the machine in good order.

Aerospace Company

In mid December we contacted Pivot because needed to purchase and have machines installed onsite before the end of the year. Pivot provided us two used production systems and support equipment, delivered and installed in 10 days!

Lease Company

As a National Lessor, we provide unique equipment solutions for our customers.  One wished to upgrade their existing 3D Printing Line to a new platform.  Pivot AM facilitated a smooth transition to the new equipment. They streamlined the remarketing process by inspecting the existing equipment and ultimately buying it.  From start to finish Pivot AM proved to be both responsive and reputable.

3D Printing Service Bureau

In addition to excellent used FDM systems, Pivot supplied us material that saved substantially on the bottom line. It was great to have the machine setup and guaranteed to perform with the material. Not to mention the unlimited phone support!

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