Meet ACE

The stereolithography (SLA) wash tank designed for users by users.  The Pivot team collaborated with industry experts, specifically those who wash and post process stereolithography parts.  From start to finish, this wash tank was designed with the end user in mind and offers unmatched versatility within the 3D printing industry.

Choosing ACE as your SLA parts washer has advantages over its competitors: RAMCO™ SLA parts washer and PostProcess™ DEMI™ SLA parts washer.  To highlight a few, ACE is fully pneumatic and accommodates bigger build platforms.  The price of ACE is less expensive, made possible by its simplified design, while maintaining the quality you expect.  Another advantage of choosing ACE as your SLA parts washer is its capability to support and wash parts that are still on the build platform.

If you’re wondering which commercial 3D printers are compatible with ACE, the answer is nearly all of them.  ACE operates as an SLA part washer in conjunction with the following SLA 3D printing machines (to name a few):

ACE's features set it apart:

  1. Built to accept a variety of build platforms ranging in size from 250mm to 800mm.
  2. Fully pneumatic, safe and non-explosive.
  3. Locking mechanisms to keep build platforms in place, adjustable to work with various build platform sizes.
  4. Large operator controls including a pneumatic timer.
  5. Enclosed washing with clam shell lid.
  6. Universal compatibility with a variety of solvents.
  7. No interlocks required. ACE’s lid can be opened or closed at any time and stays in place until you want to change its position. This allows you to finish the wash cycle and raise parts out of the liquid solvent to dry while the lid is closed.  ACE offers safer washing with less evaporation and reduced fumes for users of the wash tank.
  8. Tall lid height designed to offer multiple options for draining/drying parts with the lid closed. Users could either drain the parts in place or lean parts against the side of ACE’s tall lid.
  9. ACE’s tank sides have no lips. Any parts that may come loose from the platform during washing are not damaged.
  10. Tray lifts above the tank and opens in the front. Installing and removing platforms of all sizes has never been easier.
  11. ACE Image Gallery
ACE’s simplified design provides long life at an affordable price.

45”W x 46”D x 80”H (98” H with the lid open)
Designed for easy moving, ACE’s base works seamlessly with a pallet jack.