Do I lose factory warranty or support?

Most warranties come with free service and parts for the duration of the warranty.  We are not authorized by any OEM, so our service is performed outside of the warranty period in lieu of expensive OEM maintenance contracts.

What about factory software updates?

Most robust production systems don’t require software updates. If you are currently running well, future software updates are not likely needed. Factory software updates can generally be purchased ala carte from the OEMs.  You will need to evaluate if the offered update actually adds value or efficiency to your equipment.

Are custom materials available?

Our experienced technical staff can assist in writing custom material parameters for custom materials to optimize part printing in FDM, SLA, and SLS technologies.

Can you support multiple systems and sites?

Yes, we offer a variety of maintenance contract options that suit your business. For multiple system sites we offer customized and discounted contracts.

Do you have the spare parts available to perform the service?

We know that to provide excellent service, we must have access to parts in a timely manner.  We understand the systems and stock the necessary parts to keep your downtime to a minimum.

Can Pivot provide us materials?

We offer the Argyle line of materials for FDM systems.  We currently have ABS, PC-ABS, and Ultem in inventory.   We also have used SLA material periodically and verify that it meets specifications for use.   Our prices can greatly reduce your material costs and increase margin.

Are you hiring?

Yes.  As our business grows, we will continue to add service engineers and support staff to keep our response times low.   If you or a colleague would like to join a team with a proven track record in an exciting, growing industry, please contact us.

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