PolyJet 3D Printer Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance (PM) is our specialty at Pivot AM Service.  We understand the importance of productivity which is why our experienced engineers can help maximize the up-time of your production PJP equipment.

Various packages are available to meet your maintenance needs, including annual PM contracts with scheduled visits, basic visits with DIY support, and one-time emergency repair.  Contact us today for pricing on our PM packages.  We offer three options for coverage (Prime, Choice and Select) designed at different price points to meet your budget.

Equipment Serviced

  • Objet Connex
  • Objet Eden

Packages we offer


    Our SELECT entry level package includes one on-site visit from a Service Engineer to perform a Preventative Maintenance service. Plus it includes unlimited phone support!


    CHOICE is our hybrid option covering parts and repairs.  You receive priority service scheduling and one Preventative Maintenance visit per year.  A Pivot service engineer supplies emergency on-site service within three business days.


    This PRIME top of the line contract gives you the most assurance. One Preventative Maintenance visit is included, plus replacement print heads and parts, along with priority scheduling for emergency on-site visits within two business days.

Comparison Chart

Time & Materials

Time and materials is also available on production Objet Eden and Connex 3D printers.  Contact us to request a quote for parts or service.