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Fiberglass reinforced thermoplastic parts.

The Markforged X5 leverages fiberglass reinforced thermoplastic to create parts 10x as strong as standard printing plastics. Easily upgradable to the X7, the X5 is a laser assisted, durably built large format machine designed to reliably produce high strength parts in any environment at an affordable price point. Parts meet tight tolerances with beautiful surface finish and are perfect for production line equipment.

Uncompromised Strength, Precision, and Beauty Markforged 3D printers. Print anything from prototypes to production parts: žProsthetic devices and assistive technologies, robotics applications, jigs, fixtures, industrial tooling, and high-strength precision end-use parts.

Strong Parts

20x stronger and 10x stiffer than ABS. For applications where weak doesn’t cut it these parts are perfect for a wide variety of tooling, fixtures, and functional prototypes.

Unmatched Precision

Designed to just work. Fully instrumented with motor encoders and a laser micrometer. Exceptionally accurate, reliable and repeatable.

Incredible Hardware

Industrial grade performance starts with an all-aluminum unibody enclosure built around an ultra flat gantry system.  Add a machined aluminum stage with kinematic bed coupling, and a precision ground print platform. Then close the loop with software – instrumenting each machine with a full sensor suite including motor encoders and a calibration laser so accurate it can compensate for single digit changes in room temperature.